Good for the planet, good for your brand

Consumers are tired of wastefulness. They expect more from the brands they choose, not to mention in terms of packaging. Sustainability is part of your brand’s profile and the whole brand experience.

With a premium cartonboard so strong that you can lower the grammage, without compromising the packaging performance – you will gain a lot of benefits. Less raw material, lower transport and warehousing requirements, and less waste handling, just to mention a few. We call this solution lightweighting. Here, you’ll learn all about what it can mean for your brand and business.

In this guide, you will find out more about:

  • Why lightweighting is purely good for business
  • What lightweighting cartonboard is made of, and how it’s made
  • How you can create your own lightweighting solution with help from our expert team
  • Hard facts and statistics about concrete lightweighting solutions