Packaging as differentiation for a commodity product

As a commodity product, cement have fierce market competition through the forces of supply and demand. This is why differentiation is so important. B2B buyers actually have a higher emotional investment in their provider than a B2C buyer – and knowing this, we also know that packaging design is a cornerstone in differentiation. Beyond pretty colors – a packaging that stands out from the crowd is a packaging that adds value, with improved functionality as a main aspect.

With packaging optimised for the supply chain, from filling to the point of consumption and recycling – it helps the customer brand become more sustainable – and the buyer to become a hero.

In this guide, you'll find more about:

      • Why the B2B buyer isn’t as rational as you might think
      • How packaging design can help you stand out from the commodity crowd
      • How to win your customer’s heart by adding real value
      • The evolution – and revolution – of cement packaging