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If you are manufacturing products in Asia and looking to reduce freight costs or product damage, a packaging review will identify prime areas for packaging optimisation. Optimising your packaging could improve efficiency and yield significant financial savings for your business.

Join the companies that have benefited from:

$3M-$5M air freight savings from 18% weight reduction

5,000 metric tons of CO2 not emitted into atmosphere incorporating primary fiber fluting and liner

33% improvement in pallet utilisation

36% improvement in container utilisation

$10M in savings from transport packaging reuse at DC

47,000kg of PET plastic replaced with recyclable corrugated materials

156,000lbs of polymer replaced with recyclable corrugated materials

Why re-evaluate your packaging?

Packaging is an often overlooked area where savings can be found. Many aspects of packaging optimisation are not obvious and take some investigation and expertise to uncover. If improved productivity and reduced costs are your goal for this year, let’s investigate how a new packaging solution can contribute to your success.

What goes into a packaging review?

A packaging review is a multidimensional examination of your packaging and supply chain to discover cost saving opportunities. When you work with Billerud Managed Packaging, our experts perform an in-depth review of your current packaging consisting of packaging material analysis, performance testing, ETC and burst specification analysis, distribution design analysis, and more.

Some of the questions our experts will ask (and answer) as part of the packaging review include:

  • Does the packaging fit the product with minimal wasted space?
  • Does the packaging protect the product from damage?
  • Is the packaging optimised for carton stacking on pallets?
  • Are there any issues that impact carton flow through DC conveyors and handling systems?
  • Are nonrenewable materials used, and if so, can those be replaced with a fiber-based solution?
  • Does the primary or protective packaging align with the value of the product and consumers’ expectations?
  • Does the packaging convey the values of the brand?
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What our clients are saying:

Working with Billerud has enabled us to offer a notebook box that weighs less, reduces our global carbon footprint and lowers costs, while protecting our products during shipment. This partnership supports our efforts to develop products, as well as the packaging used to ship them, that are more sustainable for our company and our customers.

Erik Troelsen

HP’s director of packaging design and procurement

Traeger has been able to leverage Billerud’s design expertise [and] experience to supplement our constrained resources as it relates to packaging engineering, which has proven very valuable in improving product design and overall product quality.

Trevor Remetta

Traeger’s director of global sourcing

Billerud has become an integral part of our team, working together on packaging designs that highlight our products while assuring that our high standards of excellence in packaging is achieved and maintained across our product line.

Outdoor Grill Brand

Benefits for Supply Chain Professionals

Our clients see an average of 15% or more in freight savings, which can translate into millions of dollars for large global brands. Managed Packaging offers distinct benefits for professionals throughout international supply chains, and a packaging review is an opportunity to identify those benefits.

For distribution center professionals looking to maximise efficiency in warehousing and transportation, a packaging review highlights areas to improve performance.

For procurement and sourcing professionals, a packaging review can highlight areas of improvement for cost savings, which often resulting in a ripple effect of savings throughout the supply chain.

For product management professionals, a packaging review can align brand messaging and improve experience for the end user, while communicating sustainability to a larger audience.

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